Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OrindaBuild is now called "JDBCWizard"...

For years we've been struggling with the fact that although we produce a very useful product describing what it does in one sentence can sometimes be hard. A part of the problem has been the name we chose - "OrindaBuild". It was deliberately intended to be slightly ambiguous as the advice we'd received on trade marks was that it's easier to trademark something if it doesn't literally describe the function of the product in question.

The problem is that nobody who hears "OrindaBuild" has the slightest idea what the product actually does.

So we're renaming it to "JDBCWizard" as of today. As the name suggests it's a wizard, for JDBC. It works with Oracle and creates a Java class to run your SQL statements and PL/SQL. You no longer need to be an expert in Oracle and PL/SQL to use a database.

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