Friday, August 28, 2009

OrindaBuild writes the Java you need to call your PL/SQL procedures and SQL statements. Version 6 is now Production.

OrindaBuild 6 automatically writes the JDBC calls and other Java code to call Oracle PL/SQL Stored Procedures from Java without having to use SQLJ or JPublisher. OrindaBuild can be pointed at your Oracle database and will write thousands of lines of access code in minutes. The end result is a Java service that exposes your existing Database's PL/SQL procedures along with any SQL statements others need access to.

New Functionality supports all PL/SQL array types.

Previous versions of OrindaBuild only supported one of the four different kinds of arrays in PL/SQL. We now support all of them, including arrays that can not be represented directly in JDBC.

No other product can write Java JDBC calls for the PL/SQL OrindaBuild can.

Unlike JPublisher, OrindaBuild works with almost all possible PL/SQL procedures. OrindaBuild has no external dependencies other than JDBC drivers and does not require the use of SQLJ.

Try generating Java to run your PL/SQL and SQL

A fully functional time limited demo version of OrindaBuild is available for download. In addition to a stand alone version it's available as extensions for SQL Developer, Oracle JDeveloper and Eclipse.

For further information see here.

Note: On May 17th 2010 OrindaBuild was renamed to JDBCWizard

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